Yoga and Its Benefits For Women

Ever thought a pose on a mat could be of benefit to your health? The benefits of yoga for women are many as it is the key to a long and healthy life. Western researchers have carried out several studies that have uncovered that women who practice yoga on a regular basis have a longer lifespan compared to non-practitioners. Nowadays women have become busier with balancing between work and parenting, hence it is necessary that they practice yoga as it bolsters mental health and eases the stress levels.

Increases Your Blood Flow

Poor blood circulation can cause major health risks such high blood pressure and atherosclerosis which in turn endanger the life of a person. Blood circulation is a very important activity as oxygenated blood that is rich with vital nutrients is pumped from the heart to every cell throughout the blood vessels. On the other hand de-oxygenated blood that is rich with metabolic waste material is returned to the heart for oxygenation. Some yoga poses and breathing techniques help to improve blood circulation in the body. By exercising in a manner that compresses and decompresses the veins in the body we can improve our blood circulation and keep off circulatory problems.

Hormonal Help For Women

Hormones have a direct effect on how women feel depending on where they are on the cycle. Women bodies are very delicate and maintaining a balance is very hard especially for those that have juggle between family, work and self. By doing daily yoga practice, women can now be able to help regulate their cycles, improve their mood during the day, and improve their fertility. The role of yoga in stress reduction has undergone numerous studies over the years and has been well documented. Yoga for women releases stress and brings awareness relationship with our bodies with a focus of treating our bodies with kindness. In addition to that, regular yoga helps women get pregnant as it increases ovulation and hormonal balance.

Improved Flexibility

Learning how to do yoga poses the right way has been proven to strengthen bones and muscles. In addition to this, yoga increases your flexibility and coordination which are all essential in protecting you from injury. Women who practice yoga on a regular basis have a lower body mass index, hence they are able to maintain their weight easily compared to those that do not. Inflexibility in the muscles can lead to poor posture which can be interpreted by some people as low self esteem or lack of confidence in a woman. It is therefore of great importance that women practice yoga in order to become more flexible and adopt a more confident posture.

This practice that originated fro ancient India a long time ago has been widely embraced by the West due to its benefits. Women practicing yoga on a regular basis report having noticeable positive changes in their bodies and attitude towards life. Yoga is a means for women to be able to achieve serenity and sanity in a world that is both trying and taxing. This ancient practice can help them handle the many responsibilities they have with poise and proficiency.

The benefits of losing weight

Although losing weight is among many people’s goals, most of them are doing it to look better or fit in certain clothes. This notwithstanding there many more reasons to lose weight that are of great benefit to you. The following are some of the benefits of losing weight according to the 21 day flat belly fix review.

Preventing Chronic Inflammation

One of the downsides of being overweight is the extra risk of developing chronic inflammation. Normal inflammation is critical in our healing process ones we get injured. This same inflammation can be harmful due weight gain. Chronic Inflammation exposes the affected to diseases such as stroke and heart disease. There is hope though in the form of losing weight, once an obese person loses weight, most of the inflammation problem goes away.

Help improve your mood

Among the effects of losing weight is a reduction in stress. Stress reduction results in better and longer sleep time, this then leads to less food consumption. The reason for this is that while you are asleep, you need far much less food. With reduced food consumption, comes better appetite control and even more weight loss. The reduced weight and longer better sleep mean that previously obese people become less irritable and more comfortable in their own bodies. Lost weight finally leads to a better mood.

Help maintain healthy joint

Today, it is common to hear old people complain about their aching joints. One reason for this is due to the fact that they started gaining excess fat from a young age. Being overweight puts extra pressure on your joints. The more you walk the more wear and tear takes place in your joints. Over time the simple act of walking starts to become painful. Losing weight, on the other hand, helps prevent this wear and tear and keep your joints healthy.

Better Living

A major reason why people fail to commit to weight loss exercises is the slow progress the process takes. Focusing too much on your target weight will often work to discourage you than helping you. The secret to this issue is realizing that every little weight loss helps. This way you will appreciate every progress that you make. The outcome of this is more will to continue, more energy, vitality and then better living.

Helps strengthen your heart

Another benefit of losing weight is the fact that weight loss makes your heart healthier. Too much weight is often accompanied by high cholesterol levels. This cholesterol sticks to the inner arteries and puts you at a higher risk of getting a heart attack. Weight loss solves this problem with the reduction of the cholesterol levels and reduces your risk to suffering from a heart attack. The best thing with this is that you don’t need to drop your weight by a high percentage. Weight loss of about 10 percent of your body is enough to take you off the risk of heart attacks.

Weight loss brings a lot of positive changes in your body. These benefits range from better living, stronger heart, and healthier joints among others.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight According To Experts

It is no surprise that exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. However, the main debate arises when considering the best exercise you need to undertake in order to be successful in your weight loss endeavors. There are various workout routines that health care and fitness experts have come up with to help in weight loss. Nonetheless, one main factor to consider when exercising is the aspect of enjoying the routine. In order to gain results from an exercise routine, experts advice that one takes on a routine that they actually enjoy.

Endurance training

Endurance type exercise has been known to be the best choice when you consider the best exercise to lose weight. You gain better results when it is done using moderate intensity and at a steady pace. The main rationale behind endurance type exercises is that you get to expend more energy compared to resistance training.

Resistance training

Essentially, resistance training has a major effect on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). For instance, one session of resistance training leads to an increase in BMR for up to 48 hours subsequent to the exercise. When done for ten weeks, there is an increase in BMR that may assist in the long-term control of your weight at a cellular level. Nonetheless, this makes the tissue in the muscle denser compared to your fat tissue. Therefore, you may be required to eat a lot more protein in order to maintain the said muscle tissue.

High-Intensity Training

High-Intensity interval (HIT) type of training is another type of exercise that is carried out in short high-intensity bouts during an exercise session. This type of exercise is effective in providing fast changes to your metabolic function. In addition, you get to reduce body fat rapidly. Nonetheless, not many people are used to the gruelling nature of the fast high-intensity bouts that HIT enlists. Therefore, if you are not that agile, you should not go for HIT type of exercise.

Daily activities

Daily activities are also a great form of exercise to lose weight. You can choose to use the stairs as opposed to using the lift. You can also choose to walk to work in case you live close by your workplace. When doing activities at home, you can increase the level of activity. For instance, you can increase the number of hours you spend gardening or cleaning your home. In case you normally hire help to do your house chores, ensure you make time to do the house chores yourself as opposed to resting while the hired help does jobs that you can easily do.

Doing Exercises you love

When considering all these exercise routines you can use to lose weight, you should ponder one question. Can you keep u the exercise routine? Essentially, the main aim of exercising is to enjoy yourself as you seek to achieve your weight loss goals. It is common knowledge that you cannot sustain a behavior for long if you do not derive pleasure from the said behavior. It is true that losing weight is the main incentive and goal to the activity; however, human behavior is at times unpredictable. Therefore, you need to find out that particular exercise routine or activity that you like.

Most likely, you will always look forward to the said routine. Therefore, the results will be evident a lot faster compared to taking up a routine that is boring, tedious, and not interesting to you. When you find out what exercise you enjoy the most, weight loss will be evident rapidly; in addition, you will also realize other benefits that come with exercise apart from weight loss. You will have good health and an energetic body.