How To Save Your Marriage

Is your marriage on the rocks? While some marriages are strengthened by difficulties, research shows most marriages falter when faced by adversities such as changing lifestyle, economic crisis and unmet expectations. In the US for instance, 48 percent of couples separate before their 20th anniversary while in China divorce rates rose by 13 percent in 2013. According to the American Psychological Association, divorce affects separating couple’s health and the well being of their children. His secret obsession review explains, it is therefore wise to adopt proactive measures to keep your marriage intact in difficult times. Learn how to save your marriage from tips below.

Adopt open communication

Essentially, most of the misunderstandings in marriages occur due to poor communication. Communication breakdown leads to dissatisfaction, tension and subsequently lack of trust. Couples should actively discuss any information that affects their relationship, listen deeply to their partners and avoid anger at times of argument. More so, expression and body language must be used with caution as they form part of communication.

Keep marriage intimate

Sharing feelings with a partner strengthens communication in the marriage. Intimacy evokes a whole range of emotional closeness that ideally strengthens the marriage. Quite often though, most couples loose their intimacy as their marriages grow older. Misunderstanding, commitment to work and financial crisis can lower intimacy level thus weakening the bond. As such, couples should frequently engage in sessions that break routine activities so as to raise their intimacy levels. This can include night dates, picnics and even dancing.

Offer full support to your partner

Each partner in marriage have their areas of interest in life. Supporting your partner’s honest endeavors in full makes the marriage stronger. This includes support in education, life interests such as martial arts or dance classes, community courses among many others. This creates trust, and openness. Most importantly, befriend and cheer up your partners in their time of need.

Be respectful

While arguments are commonplace in marriage, it’s paramount to respect each other even when difficulties arise. Specifically, avoid verbal and physical abuse during arguments, keep your voice controlled and never assume your partner even in argumentative situations. Marriages that characterized with personal attacks, threats and violence are more likely hit dead ends than those with a thriving communication.

Show affection

In marriage, it’s the small acts of affection which makes the difference. A small gift, honest compliments and assurance nourishes your marriage a great deal. Assist with some chores to lessen the burden on your partner when necessary and surprise her with presents that she has always wanted and to keep in touch with in-laws.

Set aside time for your partner

Constant absenteeism creates a communication vacuum that weakens marriage bond significantly. After all, intimacy can only thrive when partners spend valuable time together. It thus matters to set apart sufficient time for your partner without letting work and life preoccupations interfere with your relationship.

Bottom Line

There’s no denying that intimacy and love bond weakens as marriage progress in years. However, open communication, trust, respect and dedication can turn problematic marriages into a thriving, healthy relationship. A healthy marriage is not only beneficial to couples, but also favors their children as well.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight According To Experts

It is no surprise that exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. However, the main debate arises when considering the best exercise you need to undertake in order to be successful in your weight loss endeavors. There are various workout routines that health care and fitness experts have come up with to help in weight loss. Nonetheless, one main factor to consider when exercising is the aspect of enjoying the routine. In order to gain results from an exercise routine, experts advice that one takes on a routine that they actually enjoy.

Endurance training

Endurance type exercise has been known to be the best choice when you consider the best exercise to lose weight. You gain better results when it is done using moderate intensity and at a steady pace. The main rationale behind endurance type exercises is that you get to expend more energy compared to resistance training.

Resistance training

Essentially, resistance training has a major effect on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). For instance, one session of resistance training leads to an increase in BMR for up to 48 hours subsequent to the exercise. When done for ten weeks, there is an increase in BMR that may assist in the long-term control of your weight at a cellular level. Nonetheless, this makes the tissue in the muscle denser compared to your fat tissue. Therefore, you may be required to eat a lot more protein in order to maintain the said muscle tissue.

High-Intensity Training

High-Intensity interval (HIT) type of training is another type of exercise that is carried out in short high-intensity bouts during an exercise session. This type of exercise is effective in providing fast changes to your metabolic function. In addition, you get to reduce body fat rapidly. Nonetheless, not many people are used to the gruelling nature of the fast high-intensity bouts that HIT enlists. Therefore, if you are not that agile, you should not go for HIT type of exercise.

Daily activities

Daily activities are also a great form of exercise to lose weight. You can choose to use the stairs as opposed to using the lift. You can also choose to walk to work in case you live close by your workplace. When doing activities at home, you can increase the level of activity. For instance, you can increase the number of hours you spend gardening or cleaning your home. In case you normally hire help to do your house chores, ensure you make time to do the house chores yourself as opposed to resting while the hired help does jobs that you can easily do.

Doing Exercises you love

When considering all these exercise routines you can use to lose weight, you should ponder one question. Can you keep u the exercise routine? Essentially, the main aim of exercising is to enjoy yourself as you seek to achieve your weight loss goals. It is common knowledge that you cannot sustain a behavior for long if you do not derive pleasure from the said behavior. It is true that losing weight is the main incentive and goal to the activity; however, human behavior is at times unpredictable. Therefore, you need to find out that particular exercise routine or activity that you like.

Most likely, you will always look forward to the said routine. Therefore, the results will be evident a lot faster compared to taking up a routine that is boring, tedious, and not interesting to you. When you find out what exercise you enjoy the most, weight loss will be evident rapidly; in addition, you will also realize other benefits that come with exercise apart from weight loss. You will have good health and an energetic body.