About Us

I believe that a website does not have to be an exhausting duty, but can strengthen and structure you and your work. That your website doesn’t have to be anything in particular – but that it can be as lively and imperfect as you are.

Yes, I am a web designer. At least in the sense that I can help you to a new or better website and take the technical part off your hands.

But my thick, clear focus is on the concept and text of your site – those are the things that get your site visitors to call you.

I’m not in this world to build a shiny surface for people to try out their marketing tricks and play their success games and make themselves bigger than they are.


For those who want to bring something into the world, but may still doubt it. For the hesitant, the slow, the overly sensitive, for the tender, the sad, the angry, the sick, for the artists and life artists, for the stutterers, for the comical.

My understanding of my work is that I want to help genuine, open-minded people to a place where they can become visible at their own pace. With everything they bring with them.

Perfection bores me. I want to see and feel that a person dares something, that he struggles with himself and tries something and allows me to be there. I want openness and vulnerability and all the wonderful strength that that means at its core. I want the full complexity, I want the whole life.

I am more interested in the words on a website than in the latest technology behind it. I am interested in people and their dreams and their independence more than clever business tactics.

I make no difference whether it’s the Internet world or the real world: in both we want to be present as whole people with heart and brain and humor – and feel secure in doing so.


I won’t give you a “finished” website. Because finished smells like sugar: nothing at all. But I want your site to smell like you.

That’s why I give you the most pragmatic, direct way to a website that shows you – in a way that is pleasant for you and brings you business.