Yoga and Its Benefits For Women

Yoga and Its Benefits For Women

Ever thought a pose on a mat could be of benefit to your health? The benefits of yoga for women are many as it is the key to a long and healthy life. Western researchers have carried out several studies that have uncovered that women who practice yoga on a regular basis have a longer lifespan compared to non-practitioners. Nowadays women have become busier with balancing between work and parenting, hence it is necessary that they practice yoga as it bolsters mental health and eases the stress levels.

Increases Your Blood Flow

Poor blood circulation can cause major health risks such high blood pressure and atherosclerosis which in turn endanger the life of a person. Blood circulation is a very important activity as oxygenated blood that is rich with vital nutrients is pumped from the heart to every cell throughout the blood vessels. On the other hand de-oxygenated blood that is rich with metabolic waste material is returned to the heart for oxygenation. Some yoga poses and breathing techniques help to improve blood circulation in the body. By exercising in a manner that compresses and decompresses the veins in the body we can improve our blood circulation and keep off circulatory problems.

Hormonal Help For Women

Hormones have a direct effect on how women feel depending on where they are on the cycle. Women bodies are very delicate and maintaining a balance is very hard especially for those that have juggle between family, work and self. By doing daily yoga practice, women can now be able to help regulate their cycles, improve their mood during the day, and improve their fertility. The role of yoga in stress reduction has undergone numerous studies over the years and has been well documented. Yoga for women releases stress and brings awareness relationship with our bodies with a focus of treating our bodies with kindness. In addition to that, regular yoga helps women get pregnant as it increases ovulation and hormonal balance.

Improved Flexibility

Learning how to do yoga poses the right way has been proven to strengthen bones and muscles. In addition to this, yoga increases your flexibility and coordination which are all essential in protecting you from injury. Women who practice yoga on a regular basis have a lower body mass index, hence they are able to maintain their weight easily compared to those that do not. Inflexibility in the muscles can lead to poor posture which can be interpreted by some people as low self esteem or lack of confidence in a woman. It is therefore of great importance that women practice yoga in order to become more flexible and adopt a more confident posture.

This practice that originated fro ancient India a long time ago has been widely embraced by the West due to its benefits. Women practicing yoga on a regular basis report having noticeable positive changes in their bodies and attitude towards life. Yoga is a means for women to be able to achieve serenity and sanity in a world that is both trying and taxing. This ancient practice can help them handle the many responsibilities they have with poise and proficiency.